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  • “A privileged to be a volunteer at Grace Of Glory Ministry Trust (GGMT) India NGO in Bhiwandi city Maharashtra India.
  • Grace Of Glory Ministry Trust a non-governmental organization is dedicated towards social development and welfare of the state people, empowerment of the ladies, street, orphans, and semi orphan children, Child Education, Child Welfare, Child Rights, Women Development, Physically and mentally handicapped persons, and Upliftment of slum Children and Women.
  • Physically and mentally handicapped persons, well organizing Education, Health, Social Justice, Disaster Management, Natural Resource Management, Agriculture Development, Social Awareness, Betterment of Backward and Deprived Communities, Poverty and Distress Relief program. old destitute people by providing food, educational and medical support.
  • It is also involved in creche facilities for the children and materialistic support to empower ladies by generating.”


Our Priorities

Health Awareness

They have a clear insight into the socio-economic and health issues faced by the downtrodden, underprivileged

Child Education

They have a clear insight into the socio-economic and health issues faced by the underprivileged

Human Care

We provide a variety of in home care options for seniors, adolescents and children, keeping care affordable and comfortable.

Save water and Environment

We provide a variety of in home care options for seniors, adolescents and children, keeping care affordable and comfortable


Health Support.


Educated Students.




Running Projects.

Covid-19 is destroying the life of daily wage workers.

The situation of poor people in towns and villages is worsening day by day. With minimal support and help, they are not able to get a proper meal one time a day not even a blanket to sleep.

People with daily wages are affected by a lot in this pandemic as they have no work to do and nowhere to go because of the lockdown, please help us to give them a better life and make their way out of their situation. Donate as much as you can.

Help GGMT TO Donate Sanitary Pads

Help us to create awareness and donate sanitary pads in rural areas where women are still not getting sanitary pads and are suffering from diseases. Donate to help them.

Help GGMT To Donate Food Suplies

Covid has affected the living of many people and forced them to starve. Help us to provide enough food supplies to all of them so that they can have a proper meal. Donate Food to them.

Join us in our Hunger-Free India Campaign.

Join us in our Hunger-free India campaign.

Your small contribution will support us to feed family members & caregivers of underprivileged people. Even the smallest Donation matters.


Donate a Grocery Kit To a Needy Person

Donate a Grocery Kit full of essential items which can help a needy person to have a proper meal once a day, one donation per person can help at least 500 people to have a meal.

We all wish we could do more to support underprivileged serious patients facing challenges and their caregivers, beyond our prayers.

Sometimes, the family members of serious patients do not have time to look after themselves, not even have the time to have food, which is the basic necessity as they are always around taking care of their close ones.

With just ₹905 you can help a person to have a proper meal, it is nothing for you but with this much you can help a family by a lot.

We are always looking out and
timely help disadvantaged,

Education is the most effective tool which helps children build a strong foundation; enabling them to free themselves from the vicious cycle of ignorance, poverty and disease.

Grocery Distribution Program

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