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Grace Food Bank

Help people to get the elements they need in their life and to stay healthy by providing a healthy meal

Mission Education Program

The earliest years of a child’s life are critical. These years determine a child’s survival.

Health Awareness Program

Be a part of spreading knowledge about various health scheme activities for a better future

Woman Empowerment Program

Help women below the poverty line by educating them and bringing them at par with the urban citizens
GGMT Organisation

About Us

A privileged to be a volunteer at Grace Of Glory Ministry Trust (GGMT) India NGO in Bhiwandi city Maharashtra India. Grace Of Glory Ministry Trust a non-governmental organization is dedicated towards social development and welfare of the state people, empowerment of the ladies, street, orphans, and semi orphan children, Child Education, Child Welfare, Child Rights, Women Development,

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Save The Lives Of Several Malnourished Children

Save Child Life . Donate ₹2500


Save Children Living With Hiv/Aids Childrens

Save Child Life . Donate ₹3000

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Countless Lives Depend On Grace Food Bank. Donate To Support Their Cause Mission Zero Hunger

1.Donate ₹2500/- Feed a 50 Children And Elder's

2.Donate ₹1005/- 1 Grocery Kit For Widow and Needy

  • Countless lives depend on Grace Food Bank. Donate to support their cause.
  • Every day, hundreds and thousands of people sleep with a hungry stomach. After witnessing many such people, including little children and the eldery, eating from the dumpster, Shivam Pathak instantly knew he had to do something.
  • And so, with the spirit of selflessness and giving back to the community, he started a food bank which now feeds more than 200 people daily.

Mission Education Programme

Mission Education is a national level programme of Grace Of Glory Ministry Trust , an NGO for education which is committed to providing basic education and healthcare to underprivileged children. Grace Of Glory Ministry Trust, an NGO for poor child education believes that whether you are addressing healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment or human rights, there’s no better place to start than in the corridors of education.

Donate ₹1200/- Menstrual Hygiene Kit for Women and Make a Difference

  • Let us strive to improve the lives of homeless women by creating a safe and secure environment for them. We advocate for a dignified life for every women
    Menstruation is one thing which almost every woman has to deal with. Every month. 300 million Indian women and girls do not have access to menstrual hygiene products which forces them to use unsafe alternatives. A lot of girls even drop out of school when they start menstruating due to lack of necessary supplies. In the absence of education about this issue, menstruation and menstrual hygiene have become taboo topics in India today.

Without improved hygiene behavior such as handwashing with soap and water after changing used clothes and sanitary napkins it will be challenging for women and girls to stay healthy during their menstrual cycle.

We ensure 100% transparency because you deserve to know when, where, and how your donations are bringing a change in who’s life. Sponsor a Kit for some homeless Girls and we will share with you a picture of the donated packets marked with your name on it.

Mobile Health Van Program

Helping people discover, develop and release their God-Given purpose

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