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Aadi Chaurasia

Help Aadi, suffering from Thalassemia

I, Mr.Cuaurasia, father of Aadi, (9-year-old), request your support in the treatment of my son. I am in dire need of my son’s treatment. Aadi has been diagnosed with thalassemia major. It is a blood disorder involving lower-than-normal amounts of an oxygen-carrying protein. My son needs blood every 15 to 20 days as his body doesn’t produce enough blood cells. To cure this disorder, the only resolution suggested by the doctors is a blood stem cell therapy treatment. We have been fortunate enough to find a suitable which is through Apollo Hospital,Sarita Vihar Delhi – 110076. The estimated cost for the treatment is 30 Lakhs 75 Thousand , which is very difficult for me to afford. It’s a please for the pain of my son’s life. It would be very generous of you to be on my side to carry out this surgery at the earliest. Your funding would add the essence back to our lives, and would shake the high spirits from my son’s life. Come and help Mr.Chaurasia financially. Your small contribution in his bad time will be very grateful.

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