Save the lives of severely malnourished children.

Maharashtra has one of the worst child health indicators, with severe acute malnutrition a life-threatening condition
that requires immediate treatment. According to WHO, 35% of undernutrition causes death.
Inspired by these indicators, the Grace of Glory Ministry Trust NGO launched a community-based program for Save The Lives Of Severely Malnourished Children in Bhiwandi, a developed city in Maharashtra. The Grace of Glory Ministry Trust calls for support of individuals and groups to help fight cases. The NGO has SAM and MAM children who are to be helped immediately.

How can you support?

To aid in the recovery of a SAM baby, a week’s supply of RUTF (ready-to-use therapeutic food) is essential. It is given along with antibiotics, deworming and vitamin A supplementation according to body weight. 6 months treatment of a Sam baby can be managed for Rs 10588.

A week’s supply of Hyderabad Mix, to aid in the recovery of a MAM baby. It is a locally made nutritional supplement made by women from locally available, culturally acceptable food items such as wheat flour, Bengal gram flour and groundnut powder. All are fried together in ghee. It is given in measured amounts along with molasses along with micronutrient supplements. 6 months treatment of a MAM child can be managed for Rs.6780.